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The Invasion of Belgium   HD   All media   March 2014   60 mins     NEW!  

In August 1914 Belgium could not stop a German army ten times larger than its own. What followed in the first few days of WWI was remarkable, bringing the first deaths, air raid, mass gas attack, first battles and gallantry awards. Reconstructions use the words of those who took part and look at the remains of the battlefields.

Spirits of the Somme   HD   All media   2012   51 mins     NEW!

1st July 1916, The Blackest Day re-traces the events which unfolded on that disastrous day with 60K British casualties. Revisiting the battlefield, rare film and photographs from both British and German sources, the spirit of the men who fought and died on that day is beautifully evoked by these powerful and haunting images.

The Human Torpedoes of WWII   HD   2014   60 mins     NEW! 

During the Second World War British warships were attacked by a secret weapon invented by the Italian Navy, the ‘human torpedo’. It’s a story of courage and adversity told in part by the Italian who rode the device into the enemy harbour in 1940, from the first disastrous missions to ultimate success in sinking British ships.

Hitler’s Last Secrets   HD   2014   6 x 50 mins     NEW!

A series of amazing new discoveries which together paint a very different picture of the man behind the myths, and allow us to finally answer some of the most enduring questions concerning Adolf Hitler.  Episode titles are:

Private Hitler’s War 1914-18; Fatal Liaison: Adolf and Eva; Adolf and Wagner; Hitler, Himmler and the Occult; Hitler the Drifter; and Hitler - The Beer Hall Putsch

Gallipoli, HD, All media, 2005, 118 mins [8 Star Entertainment]
The harrowing frontline experience of one of the bloodiest battles of WWI; narrated by Jeremy Irons, Sam Neill

Voices of the Battle of Britain, All meida, 2010, 54 mins,
Interviews with the men of RAF Fighter Command who fought off the German air offensive from July 1940.

Concise History of WWI, All media

Concise History of WWII, All media, 3 x 54 mins

Tanks and Armoured Vehicles, All media, 2010, 52 mins,
Detailed comparison of 20th Century armoured vehicles from many countries. Archive and graphics.

History of Aviation, All Media, 4 x 80 mins
Shackleton, Nimrod, Dakota, Memphis Belle

The Warlords, All media, 72 mins

Victory at Sea, All media, 13 x 52 mins

Road to Berlin, All media, 2 x 55 mins

Road to Stalingrad, All media, 2 x 55 mins

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, All media, 60 mins
The 1,000 year empire rising from the ashes of WWI, conquering  much of Europe and ending in total failure.

Battle of the Bulge, All media, 60 mins
The single largest and bloodiest battle that American Forces faced in WWII.

Luftwaffe - The Eagle Strikes, All media, 60 mins
Inspired new aircraft designs, technological breakthroughs and industrial excellence in WWII.

U-Boat Wars - Killer Wolf Packs, All media, 70 mins

Battle for Europe, All media, 8 x 52 mins

Battle for Russia, All media, 90 mins


Terror Weapons, All media, 2010, 52 mins   
A review of the weapons designed to subjugate and subdue civilians as well as combatants.

The Wolf Packs in the North Atlantic, All media, 2010, 52 mins
How the allied convoys bringing vital supplies to Europe were hunted and attacked by the U-boats.

England under a Cloud 1938-1940  - The Civilians’ War  
All media, 2010, 56 mins
England gears up for war with conscription, rationing, evacuation, drills, convoys and then the Blitz

Blood in the Snow - The Russian/German War (Series), All media, 10 x 52 mins
This high quality classic production, with rare Russian footage, is introduced by Henry Kissinger.

Bomber Command (Series), All media, 2001, 6 x 52 mins
The bombing campaign of 1939-45 featuring interviews with British pilots and German survivors.

Rigid Airships, All media, 2010, 52 mins   
The history of the inflatables, used as luxury trans-Atlantic transports, defensive & attack weapons

Lancaster Bombers, All media, 55 mins  
Original wartime footage and recent colour film add to a full account of this aircraft’s history.

Samurai Nation/From Sword to Zero/Flights Beyond Pearl Harbor
All media 1999/2000, 2 x 52
Historical and political background to rising Japanese air power culminating in Pearl Harbor and ending with surrender to Gen. MacArthur.

When War Broke Out (Series), All media, 2009, 2 x 52 mins
The events leading up to September 3,1939, and the aftermath leading to global conflagration.

Bomber Command (Series), All media, 2001, 6 x 52 mins  
The bombing campaign of 1939-45 featuring interviews with British pilots and German survivors.

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Operation Valkyrie, All media, 2008, 55 mins
The 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler, now a movie starring Tom Cruise as Claus von Stauffenberg.

Wings of War (Series), All media, 2008, 4 x 52 mins
Using superb archive footage from both sides, the series adds greatly to our knowledge of how the RAF and allied flyers contributed to the successful outcome of the Second World War.

For Gallantry – Malta’s Struggle in WWII, All media, 2008, 75 mins
Heroism & hardship of a people awarded the George Cross, told by some of the brave survivors.

Aviation of War (Series) All media 2000-08 26 x 60 mins
High-end documentaries each one on individual fighter, bomber, reconnaissance  aircraft.

Aspects of War (Series) All media 2000-08 52 x 50 mins
The major battles, fighting forces, ships, victims and survivors of the War  in Europe 1939-1945.

Heroes of Aviation (Series), All media, 2006, 10 x 55 mins
Also on audio CD! 
History of military aviation - pioneering aircraft designs, aircraft carriers and their brave crews.

The Great War 1914-18 (Series), All media, 2005  8 x 52 mins.
Examines the global conflict of ideas, purpose & arms that shaped the modern age of warfare.

World War II Day by Day (Series), All media, 2002, 6 x 52 mins approx.
Virtually every significant event of WWII in Europe, the Pacific & N Africa in chronological order.

The War Diaries 1939 - 1945 (Series), All media, 2007, 7 X 52 mins. 
The unfolding of the 20th century’s 2nd great conflict, which engulfed the world & destroyed nations.

The Second World War (Series), All media, 7 x 52 mins.
The Battle For Cassino, The Battle For The Bulge, The Battle For Warsaw, Operation Barbarossa, Gehlen - Hitler's Superspy, Overlord: The D-Day Story, Desert Battles


Witness 1939: When War Broke Out, All media, 2009, 60 mins   New to catalogue
The previously untold stories of ordinary people, who convey what it was like living at a time of momentous events . We hear from a Polish soldier about the invasion of Poland; an RAF pilot who scrambled when the sirens sounded minutes after the announcement that Britain was at war; and a child’s perspective of events.

Night Bombers (in original colour), All media, clips, First shown 1981, 55 mins
Rare & acclaimed documentary, filmed in 1942, of bomber raids over Germany during WW II.

War Planes - The Ultimate Story
The Messerschmitt/The
Boeing B17 Bomber/The F16 Fighter/Spitfire/Great British Jets All media, 2004, 5 x 52 mins
How these major advances in wartime aviation technology were developed and deployed.

Nuclear Tango - “Why a hero fell from grace”, All media, 2006, 50 mins.
Why the father of Pakistani nuclear weapons took the rap for the nuclear relationship with N Korea

Cradle of Terror, All media, 2003, 45 mins
Pakistan’s role in promoting terror under cover of jihad, and govt. sponsored nuclear proliferation.

Massoud - “Destiny’s Afghan”, All media, 2004, 52 mins
Colleagues assess the life of the man regarded as a great leader, assassinated September 2001.

America’s Forgotten Allies, All media, 2002, 50 mins
Poignant story of Vietnam’s persecuted Montagnard peoples, loyal allies abandoned by the US.


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